Hi, I'm Claudia

My design work focuses on social impact. I work across scopes and disciplines - as an interaction designer creating and coding prototypes, as a design researcher testing our assumptions and as a service designer ensuring the 'thing' fits into existing or a new systems.

End-to-end services I design are:


Many public services are not inclusive. From my experience working on public sector projects, often services try to cater for 'everyone'. In doing so, common barriers are not considered. Involving and prioritising seldom heard voices is essential.

I prioritised an inclusive approach when:

Data driven

To tailor user experiences, I believe that harnessing the power of data is key while considering ethical implications. Mapping data is an essential part of my design process to ensure that the product is technically feasible and the data is meaningful.

I balanced user experience and data constraints when:

Designed front-to-back and back-to front

Balancing design scopes is critical to my design process. Service design often takes a ‘back-stage-first' approach by understanding the scope and system. Interaction design often focuses on the 'front-stage'. Holding both perspectives and approaches into account ensures that it is user-centred throughout and can be supported by the system.

I balanced these two approaches when I: