Personal projects

Here is a collection of projects - foundational to my interests as a designer from my time at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and creative projects that bring me joy outside of work. Connecting with nature through art and design, as well as connecting with friends through food are some of my favourite things.

Design projects

Assembly Duel: Unpacking privilege through design

I delivered this speculative design project in my second year of Emily Carr University of Art + Design. It was the starting point for my passion for user research and why I chose to focus on interaction design.

From taking a concept like privilege through a design research approach and creating something tangible was an incredibly challenging yet rewarding process.

photograph of instructions, two pieces of wood, wheels and a screwdriver

Typography from nature

During my third year at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, I worked on an exploratory design project that practiced mindfulnesss in nature and slow design. I created an alphabet from found shapes and textures in a park close to my home over a series of weeks, and then brought those to new environments.

Full alphabet in greyscale. Some letters are photographs of natural elements that look like letters. Others are drawn.

Paper cut

Memories in nature make me feel very calm and grounded. I use simplified forms and flat colours to transform these memories into images and gift them to the loved ones that share these same memories.

ocean and mountain scene by cutting forms out of one paper
cliff scene created by cutting details out of one piece of paper
ocean scene created by adding layers of paper to create sand, ocean and mountainsup close image of paper cut showing different layers of paper

Making food

Connecting with friends through food is one of my favourite things to do - whether that's cooking for people or learning a recipe from them.



multi layered cake with pink icing topped with meringues

Raspberry mojito birthday cake

Egg korma and appam - a rice and coconut pancake

Egg korma and appam

Image of turkey stuffed bread called Pide

Vegetarian Pide